Kathleen Ganley Offers Tax Relief to Albertans Struggling to Afford The Basics, Champions An Economy That Works for People

This means that no Albertan would pay provincial income tax on the first $26,000 they earn.

CALGARY — Alberta NDP leadership candidate Kathleen Ganley has unveiled a new tax plan that will leave more money in the pockets of Albertans struggling to afford the basics. 

"We're putting money where it matters most — back into the hands of working Albertans," Ganley said. "This gives a break to the people who keep our economy running, who can barely afford their daily needs, let alone save a little for tomorrow.”

The plan proposes changes to the province’s personal income tax system by targeting the basic personal exemption. The Ganley tax relief plan would increase the personal exemption to $26,000 from  $21,885 — this benefit phases out at $148,269. This plan would mean no Albertan earning less than $26,000 would pay provincial income tax.

This means that no Albertan would pay provincial income tax on the first $26,000 they earn. This move is expected to exempt an additional 150,000 Albertans living in poverty from paying provincial income tax, and offer savings of more than $400 to over 2.5 million more.

“An economy that doesn’t work for people isn’t working — and that is what’s happening right now under the UCP,” Ganley said. “Our plan offers a practical approach for immediate financial relief for Albertans.”

Backgrounder: Team Ganley Tax Relief Plan

Ganley is calling for immediate and decisive action in the upcoming UCP Government budget. If the government refuses to act, she pledged to continue advocating for relief as Alberta NDP Leader. As Premier in 2027, she would introduce and pass legislation to cut costs for families.

“The UCP broke their promise in last year’s election campaign to cut costs for families,” Ganley said. “What I’m proposing now is a better model because it means Albertans living in poverty (earning less than the Low-Income Cut Off) would pay no tax.”

Over the coming weeks, Team Ganley will bring forward a series of ideas to make the economy work for Albertans and to build a team that is ready to work together and win together in 2027. 

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