Kathleen Ganley Delivers Victory in Alberta NDP Leadership Debate

Her real and concrete ideas underscored her readiness to meet the needs of Albertans

Kathleen Ganley pictured on the debate stage with fellow debaters Sarah Hoffman and Naheed Nenshi

Lethbridge — Kathleen Ganley emerged as the clear leader in tonight's Alberta NDP leadership debate, presenting a pragmatic vision for an economy that works for people and a winning team in 2027. Her real and concrete ideas underscored her readiness to meet the needs of Albertans.

Throughout the debate, which covered the themes of “Strong Communities in a Diversified Economy” and “Uniting to Win in 2027,” Ganley called for a new economic narrative that benefits all Albertans, not just the wealthy. She highlighted her plans to make life more affordable for Albertans while investing in education and healthcare, drawing a stark contrast between her vision and the United Conservative Party’s policies.

“There are no shortcuts. It takes hard work — in every corner of this province,” Ganley said. “I will build a team that can fight back against that old UCP narrative in all 87 ridings.

“That is why I am the best person to lead us to victory in 2027. We fight back with truth. We fight back with real concrete ideas. And we fight back relentlessly. Our kids deserve nothing less.”

In her closing statement, Ganley made a personal appeal to the audience, linking her campaign to the aspirations she holds for her daughter and for all children in Alberta.

“Too many young people have given up on their dream of owning a home and this generation may lead shorter lives than their parents,” Ganley said. “My daughter has big dreams and a big imagination. I see it in her eyes every day. She deserves better, all our kids do.

No matter what brought you to our party, I ask for your support tonight. With me as your leader, we will fight for every inch, every single day. Because our children are counting on us, and there is nothing more tenacious than a mother fighting for her kid.”

After the debate, Ganley praised her colleagues for their passion and dedication.

"Tonight, I was honoured to share the stage with such insightful colleagues,” Ganley said. “Each one brought forward thoughtful perspectives and ideas that underscore the strength and diversity of our party.

“Our shared commitment to Alberta and its future is evident, and I believe that our best days are indeed ahead of us as we work together to win together in 2027.”

As the campaign continues, Ganley is committed to engaging with communities across Alberta, advocating for policies that ensure economic growth and improve social services. More information is available at TeamGanley.ca.