Policies & Vision

Under Kathleen's leadership, the Alberta NDP will tackle our greatest challenges. 

An Economy That Works for People

Kathleen believes in an economic strategy that prioritizes the well-being of Albertans. She plans to stimulate job creation, support local business, and foster innovation. Kathleen understands the financial challenges faced by everyday Albertans and is committed to giving them relief through proactive and people-centric policies.

Workers are the Backbone of Alberta's Economy

Kathleen  is committed to ensuring that every worker in Alberta has the support and representation they need. With a vision for a fairer workplace, she advocates for policies that simplify the process for workers to join unions. Understanding the crucial role unions play in protecting workers' rights and promoting fair wages, Kathleen is dedicated to strengthening these organizations. She believes in making it significantly more challenging to dismantle unions, ensuring they remain a strong force for collective bargaining and workers' welfare. 

Protecting the Environment

Alberta needs a real plan to address climate change. Kathleen understands that proactive climate action is not just an environmental necessity but also a powerful job creator. This approach means fostering positive actions but also addressing those who may fall short in their environmental responsibilities. Companies and individuals alike must take ownership of their environmental impact. Everyone is responsible for caring for the environment and playing their part in preserving Alberta's natural beauty and resources for generations to come.

Investing in Education

Education is the cornerstone of a thriving society. Kathleen promises to fund K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions. Every child deserves access to quality education and the opportunity to realize their dreams. Properly funded public education has the power to open doors and create a brighter future for all students in Alberta. 

Strengthening Healthcare & Seniors' Care

Kathleen knows we need a healthcare system that is reliable and responsive. This means ensuring accessible emergency rooms, supporting our frontline healthcare workers, and making family doctors available to those who need them. People often seek healthcare when they are at their most vulnerable, and we need to ensure every Albertan is supported through that with accessible and quality care. 

Kathleen believes in a publicly funded, publicly delivered health care system.

She also demonstrates a deep commitment to the well-being and dignity of seniors, advocating for substantial public investment in long-term care and the imposition of stringent standards on private care facilities. Ganley's approach reflects a comprehensive strategy to uplift the quality of life for seniors in Alberta.


Building A Strong Team

Together, we’re more than a campaign; we’re a team that grows stronger every day. Every member of this team deserves respect and a voice in shaping our path forward. You are invited to bring your ideas forward. Together, we can lead Alberta’s NDP to form the next government in 2027.

Making Life Better: Responsive Leadership for Alberta

Kathleen Ganley is committed to a platform that  responds to the needs of all Albertans. Her ideas come directly from communities across our province and form policies that reflect diverse experiences and aspirations.