Ganley Proposes Adding Leadership Debates In Medicine Hat, Red Deer & Grande Prairie

"We can demonstrate that we're a party that values every Albertan's voice, no matter where they live"

Below is a letter sent by Alberta NDP Leadership Candidate Kathleen Ganley to fellow leadership campaigns on April 1:

Subject: Proposal to Expand Our Debate Schedule


As we go through this leadership race, one thing stands clear: we all share a commitment to growing our party and connecting with Albertans far and wide. It is in this spirit that I bring forward an idea for your consideration.

Right now, our debate schedule includes stops in Lethbridge, Calgary, and Edmonton. While these places are home to many supporters, I believe we can broaden our reach and impact by holding debates in more of Alberta’s mid-sized cities.

I propose we add debates in Medicine Hat, Red Deer, and Grande Prairie. These areas are not just strategic locations but represent a broader audience eager to hear what we’re offering to Albertans. I would be open to adding more debates in more cities, if you wish. I’d also ask us to consider an online debate, as it has been requested by many Albertans we’ve heard from unable to attend any of existing debates in person.

Expanding our debate schedule offers us a direct pathway to engage with communities crucial for our party's growth. It's about bringing our message to their doorstep, ensuring that everyone has the chance to participate in our democratic process.

I'm reaching out to ask for your support on this. By advocating for additional debates, we demonstrate that we're a party that values every Albertan's voice, no matter where they live.

Let's unite in this effort. Growing our party means ensuring that every potential supporter and member sees themselves reflected in our policies and vision. Adding these debates can help us achieve just that, by showing we're eager to listen, learn, and lead in every corner of the province.


Thanks for your consideration,

Kathleen Ganley