Kathleen Ganley Will Establish Election Planning Team Within Month Of Becoming Alberta NDP Leader

"I commit that each riding will see strategic investments and focused attention — no exceptions."


It will be a long campaign, three years.

We must start building on June 23, 2024 — not just something that can win the next election, but a movement, a party that can govern this province for decades.

We build it on the shoulders of the past, on the incredible growth we have seen in the last decade.

We build it together, by adding each of our strengths.

We build it by understanding the mistakes of the past. We cannot run only on attacking the UCP, we must do something much braver — we must show them our ideas, our visions of the future, our plans for an economy that works for everyone.

If I am chosen as Alberta NDP Leader, I commit to  establishing an Election Planning Committee of MLAs, party staff and volunteers within a month of taking office. I will chair this committee and personally see that it fulfills its mandate.

Members of the EPC will visit every riding in the province over the summer and fall, holding town halls to discuss our election strategy for 2027 and what it will take to be competitive and give ourselves an opportunity to win all 87 ridings.

For a detailed blueprint of our path forward, I urge you to delve into my Members' Charter. This document is my commitment to building the future we all believe in and you can find it here: Teamganley.ca/news-events/members-charter/

Those are some of my ideas. Now, I want to hear yours.

I will personally visit every riding as Leader, too — I believe this is a critical responsibility of the job I’m hoping to earn. 

I commit that each riding will see strategic investments and focused attention — no exceptions.

Working together we will win together. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get down to work.