Kathleen Ganley Vows To Restore Rural Bus Service Across Alberta

"This is about connecting communities — it’s about building an economy that works for people”

Alberta NDP leadership candidate Kathleen Ganley says her government would make public investment to restore rural transportation service across the province.

Her commitment comes after hearing  from rural and urban Albertans about the negative impact of Greyhound’s departure in 2018. The company said it could no longer justify the cost of operating in smaller Alberta communities. Since then, companies like Coldshot, EBus, FlixBus and Red Arrow have increased service in certain areas of the province but major swaths remain without any bus service.

Ganley said that’s unacceptable.

“This is public infrastructure,” Ganley said. “This is good for our economy, it’s good for public safety, it’s good for people.

“The Alberta NDP Government I lead would work in partnership with the transportation carriers that have come into the market since Greyhound’s departure. We would not compete with the critical service they’re providing, but we would supplement where necessary.

“Albertans should be able to travel around this province whether they have a car or not. This is about connecting communities — it’s about building an economy that works for people.”

Ganley said the transportation service would charge affordable fares to Albertans and she would launch consultation immediately on where best to begin adding routes.

“We would get to work immediately — doing nothing is not an option,” Ganley said. “The hole left by Greyhound has put the future viability of certain rural communities in jeopardy. I want to change that.

“I have heard loud and clear from Alberta NDP members that we need a better rural strategy to run on in 2027 and I am making it clear here and now that rural transportation would be a major piece of our offer.”

Team Ganley will continue to release proposals to support the Alberta economy and specifically the rural economy in the coming days.