Kathleen Ganley Will Pursue A Unified Family Court in Alberta

"Protecting the emotional health of our children is something we all have an interest in"

Alberta NDP Leadership Candidate and lawyer Kathleen Ganley is committing to establishing a Unified Family Court in the province.

The court, long called for by lawyers and child advocates, would serve as a one-stop shop for families to resolve legal issues and conflicts, including child and spousal support, parenting time and property division.

“Protecting the emotional health of our children is something we all have an interest in,” Ganley said. “Providing these wraparound support services to families through a one-stop shop means there is less conflict and they are able to come to a better resolution, sooner — and that is better for everyone.”

Ganley said the court is part of her broader plan to improve access to justice. She noted that faster resolution of family legal disputes protects kids and their emotional and mental well-being. She said the Unified Family Court would also save families money because it would stop them from having to access multiple legal systems. 

“I am focused on building an economy and a province that works for people and lowering their costs and improving their quality of life is a huge part of what I’m running to do. Litigation should be a last resort - this plan will save families money, time, and conflict,” she said. 

Ganley recently spoke to a gathering of Calgary lawyers about the importance of the Unified Family Court.